Introducing the StarSeeds Protocol

StarSeeds Protocol engineers, deploys and optimizes DeFi strategies, smart contracts, and automated trading algorithms with the objectives of maximizing yield, principal protection, security and drawdown mitigation. The primary smart contract technologies maintained by the StarSeeds Protocol are;

  1. STARV4, an adjustable Tax-on-Transfer Token that is designed to automatically increase its DEX liquidity, daily trading volume, and relative exchange rate to MATIC/ETH/BTC/USDC and other tokens. During all market conditions. STARV4 contract on Polygon was generated by the BitBond Factory contract audited by Certik.

  2. MATIC-SS/USD-SS and other DeFi Yield Derivative Tokens that appreciate in value continuously compared to the original, similar to MaticX and stMATIC. Unlike similar yield deravative tokens that stake to secure the security of a chain, S Tokens stake the original token into liquidity pools for usage in DEX trading. The compounded fees from protocol owned S-Token liquidity combined with a 0.24% tax on transfer fee increase the relative value over time of SS tokens relative to the underlying token. SS-Token contracts are generated by the DODOX token factory contract audited by Certik, Slowmist, and Peckshield.

  3. Automated Arbitrage Optimized Liquidity Pool Networks that increase trading volume & fees by more than 400 times compared to standard UNIV2 Liquidity. LP contracts are generated by UNIV3, ALGEBRA V3.5, DODOX 2.0 Stableswap, Curve 2.0 Cryptoswap, and Balancer V2 weighted pool factory contracts audited by OpenZeppelin, Certora, Trail of Bits, CerTik, Sherlock and other top agencies

  4. Origin Relic Real Yield NFT's that provide holders with a growing regenerative stream of tokens that originate from STARV4 and S Token tax-on-transfer fees that are automatically generated via arbitrage trading optimized liquidity pools and then distributed through contracts generated by Flair V1 and GYSR V2 NFT token streaming factory contracts. GYSR V2 contracts audited by Certik and other agencies. Origin Relic NFT contract generated via HeyMint NFT factory contract factory audited by Zitgur.

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