Intro to StarSeeds Protocol

StarSeeds Protocol engineers and deploys DeFi strategies, yield-generating smart contracts, and automated trading algorithms with the objectives of maximizing yield, principal protection and drawdown mitigation.

STARV3, a Tax-on-Transfer Token deployed to Polygon, is designed to consistently increase STARV3’s liquidity, trade volume, and relative exchange rate to MATIC/ETH/BTC/USDC in all market conditions.

MATIC-S/USD-S/BTC-S DeFi Yield Derivative Tokens that appreciate in value compared to the original, similar to MaticX and stMATIC. Unlike similar tokens, S Tokens stake the original token into liquidity pools for usage in DEX trading. The compounded fees from protocol owned S-Token liquidity combined with a 0.08% tax on transfer fee increases the relative value over time of S tokens compared to the original tokens. Automated Arbitrage Optimized Liquidity Pool Networks that maximize trading volume & fees from combining specifically configured Balancer V2, DodoEX Stable, Quickswap V2, & Quickswap V3 liquidity pools.

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