StarSeeds Protocol V2
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DAO Treasury Management + Token Yielding NFTs

StarSeeds (SS) Protocol: Real Yield & NFTs
Real Yield producing virtual assets are a core component of the StarSeeds (SS) Protocol's Treasury management and user revenue distribution systems.
Minting Process of SS Protocol NFTs
  • Every time a SS Protocol NFT is minted, the tokens used are transferred to a StarSeeds DAO Treasury Multi-Sig Safe.
  • The StarSeeds DAO then allocates those tokens into an adaptive portfolio of defi trading strategies.
Yield Production & Distribution
  • As returns are generated, the major chunk of the gains are channeled into buying StarSeeds Protocol tokens from the market.
  • These acquired tokens are subsequently distributed to StarSeeds Protocol NFT holders via token streaming contracts.
NFTs & Yield Categories
  • A majority of StarSeeds Protocol NFTs yield from the cumulative total of all SS Treasury accounts.
  • However, select limited supply NFT Collections provide yield from a distinct sub-set of strategies, often yielding at a rate surpassing that of the standard SS NFTs.
Longevity of StarSeeds Protocol Yield NFTs
While the future remains uncertain, StarSeeds Protocol Yield NFTs are ingeniously crafted to consistently generate yield without any predefined termination date.