Interacting with StarSeeds Protocol

  • For LP Providers and Token Holders:
    • Automatically Arbitraged Liquidity Pools provide higher than standard LP Provider revenues.
    • STARV3's relative exchange rate increases due to STARV3's reducing maximum supply from a 0.22% tax on transfer fee combined with permanent and growing liquidity from StarSeeds Protocol's autocompounding pools.
    • STARV3 is backed by BTC/ETH/MATIC/USDC/LINK and other high value tokens in StarSeeds Protocol's autocompounding liquidity pools.
  • For Protocols:
    • StarSeeds Protocol offers DEXs, Automated Liquidity Management, Lending, Synthetics & Bridging Protocols with increasing long-term trade liquidity and trade volume.
    • Partner with StarSeeds Protocol to access deeper liquidity and additional trade volume for your protocols native token. Apply via Discord.
  • For Traders: