Origin Relic: Real Yield NFTs

Claimable Transfer Fees: 100% of the transfer fee from the StarSeeds Protocol tokens are proportionately claimable by Origin Relic Holders. Each Relic entitles the holder to a 1/1000th share of all taxed transfers.

Transfer Activity: The amount and value of transfers made to Origin Relic NFT holders increase over time, directly related to the liquidity and volume of the StarSeed’s Protocol’s Arbitrage LP Networks and DEX Trading strategies.

  • Origin Relic NFT Contract: 0x76e9C64c4aAb66EF7E2c1b2EDa03f4D0413E9572

  • Origin Streaming Contract: 0xa0E36F9F7eC0B00851dD25053ceeA0517a692A51

  • Maximum Supply: 1,000 Origin Relic NFT

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