S Yield Derivative Tokens

Similar to stMATIC and wstETH, S tokens are pegged to the value of original token in such a way that makes each unit of S-token worth more then the original token over time.

Unlike other yield bearing tokens, S tokens do not represent Matic/ETH that has been staked to increase the security of the Polygon Network. Rather, S tokens are tokens automatically deployed in a network of liquidity pools that facilitate automated arbitrage trades in such a way that creates regular and growing trade volume.

With every swap executed with S tokens, S tokens become more valuable compared to the underlying token due to the 0.08% transfer fee on S tokens reducing their supply combined with permanently compounded StarSeeds Protocol owned liquidity pool swap fees increasing the amount of backing each S token has. MATIC-S Contract Address: 0x63d38FCf3cC014735B28339F47EC3FA9BA97b4B9 BTC-S Contract Address: 0xa147901A0bB2B6DA6b9e10c69020285db7eCd0DF

USD-S Contract Address: 0x7bF44C2BE2b9bAB23cea3e071A14D93dF9CdEFaf

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