StarSeeds Protocol Functions

Arbitrage Trading Automation

Multiplying LP trade volume via automated trading from arbitrage bots.

Tax-On-Transfer Tokens

Algorthmically Powered Growth Fueled by reducing supply and increasing liquidity from combined burn and liquidity transfer tax on STARV3.

Automated Trading Optimized LP Router Technology

StarSeeds Protocol's Arbitrage Network LP Routing technology built on Balancer V2 and ALGBERA V3.5 maximizes liquidity provider revenues through weighted multi-token pool logic, concentrated liquidity, automatically optimized swap fees and on-chain V3 LP automation.


StarSeeds Protocol tokens are Primarily backed by BTC/ETH/MATIC/USDC which are used in Native and Non-Native StarSeeds Protocol Liquidity Pools and Trading Strategies.

On-Chain, Tokenized V3 Liquidity Management

Multiplying Liquidity, Volume, and Revenues with Steer V3 Automation.

DAO Optimized Multi-Sig Treasury

Non-Native Automated V3 Liquidity Management, Farming and Arbitrage Trading, generates additional revenues, some of which are deposited in STARV3 Liquidity Pools.

Best-In-Industry Security & Insurance

Audits by PeckShield, SlowMist, CerTik, and Sherlock, Treasury Insurance by Nexus Mutual and InsurAce, and protected by Immune Fi Bug Bounty Programs.

MEV and JIT Protection

StarSeeds Protocol tokens mitigate MEV and JIT attacks by rendering such attacks unprofitable due to Tax-on-Transfer fees.

Small Cap Gems

Evaluation and integration of small-cap market tokens with the lowest risks and highest upside potential.

Real Yield NFTs

StarSeeds Protocol NFTs distribute tokens to their holders that are generated from StarSeeds Protocol Trading Strategies and ecosystem token transfer fees.

Advanced Liquidity Management

- V3 liquidity pools surpass V2 revenues for LP providers by up to 4000 times. - Leveraging liquidity positions can boost revenue by up to 7 times. - Employing arbitrage bots increases trading volume by over 5 times. StarSeeds Protocol's Smart Routing Liquidity Pools have several hundred times higher swap volume and liquidity provider revenues than standard V2 liquidity pools. The vast majority of revenues from StarSeeds Protocol's LP network are compounded into STARV4, which increases STARV4's exchange value automatically and contiously compared to BTC/ETH/USDC/MATIC and other tokens.

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