On April 19th, 2024, StarSeeds Protocol Deployed STARV4, a BitBond Token Factory generated contract audited by Certik.

STARV4 Contract Address: 0x61fFE097137d543f019F5257E1a1Ff7A6C5F0b68

BitBond Token Factory Certik Audit.

STARV4 contract functionality allows for an adjustable transfer tax rate, which allows the StarSeeds Protocol to adjust the swap rate to maximize revenues from the StarSeeds Protocol's automated arbitrage trade optimized liquidity pool network.

At the time of deployment, all STARV3 holders were airdropped 350 units of STARV4 per STARV3. Then the vast majority of STARV3 liquidity was transfered to STARV4 at a market swap rate of $1 per STARV4.

If any user holding STARV3 on April 19th in a liquidity pool or other form of contract did not receive the STARV4 airdrop, please contact @starseedsprotocol on Telegram or inquire in the StarSeeds Discord.

StarSeeds Protocol is currently developing a on-chain real time automation system that will modify STARV4s swap fee in real time in a manner similar to ALGEBRAs V3.5 concentrated liquidity pools with self adjusting fee rates.

In the meantime, the swap rate is adjusted manually via StarSeeds DAO Expert trading council consensus. Swap Fee Rate is capped at 0.04% minimum and 4% maximum, with an average rate between 0.24%-0.44%.

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