STARV3 - Tokenomics

Key Stats of STARV3:

STARV3's relative exchange rate is engineered to increase consistently regardless of market conditions due to the following;

  • STARV3 LP Network: STARV3 is deployed in hundreds of StarSeeds Protocol's autocompounding liquidity pools on Balancer, Quickerswap V2, Quickswap V3, Dodoex, Uniswap, Sushi and Velocimeter.

  • Automated Trade Volume: Generated through arbitrage trading bots consistently drive increasing trade volume to STARV3 LPs.

  • Diminishing Max Supply: 0.11% burn fee per transaction, reducing STARV3's maximum supply with every transfer.

  • Permanent Liquidity Growth: 0.11% protocol transfer fee utilized to increase STARV3 liquidity.

  • Controlled Circulating Supply: No STARV3 ICO or TGE, the 10 Million STARV3 minted upon creation is held within the StarSeeds Protocol's Multisig and exclusively deployed into STARV3 liquidity pools.

  • Boosted by the Treasury: A portion of revenues from all StarSeeds Protocol trading strategies are deposited into STARV3 Liquidity Pools.

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