SSC (STAR-Credits)

SSC (Star Credits) are regenerative farming tokens, distributed as an extra incentive to trade, mint, hold & stake StarSeeds Protocol tokens. SSC tokens can be utilized at a rate of 1000 SSC = 1 STARV3 when used to minting Real Yield NFTs such as Origin Relics. SSC tokens are paired with STARV3, Matic, SP, STARV3-M, and interest-bearing stablecoins, and can be swapped with the lowest trading fees compared to other StarSeeds Protocol tokens.

  • Polygon Contract: 0xA1F700a822f8B70c62F795Fd74b57EC6131F4A85

  • Maximum Supply at initialization: 100,000,000,000

  • Burn on Transfer: 0.02%

  • Tax on Transfer: 0.05%

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