StarSeeds Protocol V2
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Game Mechanics Guidebook

Navigating the Energetic Ecosystem: A Guide to StarSeeds Protocol V2 Game Mechanics
Welcome to the heart of StarSeeds Protocol V2's game mechanics, where strategic decisions pave the way to greater financial prosperity. Let's delve into the intricacies of some key elements that define this engaging world.
Martian Flip Cruiser: Elevating Exploration
Setting sail with the Martian Flip Cruiser offers an exciting journey. At level 1, these cruisers embark on seven-day missions, with a maximum lifespan of four missions. Minting a level 1 Cruiser requires 1 STARv2 or Andromeda Homeships. Upgrade options follow:
  • Level 2: Costs 1 STARv2, 100 STARMaterials, and 20 STARCredits. This advanced version boasts 3.5X mission endurance and 2.2X the yield of level 1 cruisers.
When a Cruiser's endurance concludes, head to an Arcturian Moon Station for a transformation. Level 1 cruisers yield between 3-15 STARMaterials and 1-3 STARCredits, while Level 2 Cruisers offer 10-35 STARMaterials and 4-12 STARCredits, dependent on the Moon Station's level and STAR Power Boost.
STARPower Generators: Illuminating Progress
Introducing STARPower Generators, the foundation of elevated yields:
  • STARPG LV1: Minting requires 100 STARP and 5 STARv2. Yields 0.7 or 1.5 STARP daily, depending on staking.
  • STARP LV2: Built from a Level 1 STARPG, costing 300 STARP and 10 STARv2. Yields 3/7 STARP daily.
  • STARP LV3: Crafted from a Level 2 STARPG, demanding 1,000 STARP and 20 STARv2. Yields 6/12 STARP and 0.05 or 0.2 STARC daily.
The two staking methods for each can be further tweaked via StarSeeds Protocol DAO Vote.
Andromeda Mothership: Sailing Towards Potential
Homeships are your gateway to enhanced STARv2 production and more:
  • Base Homeships yield 1.15 STARv2 worth of other ships per STARv1's typical production.
  • Eight upgrades present options: four grant 3% bonus (per level) to STARv2 production or a 5% bonus towards other station production.
  • Final three upgrades introduce dual STARv2 and ship production, at the cost of STARAlloys, STARPower, and STARCredits.
  • Level 6 allows efficiency exchange: 30% reduction in one activity for 45% efficiency in the other.
  • Level 7 minimizes reduction to 25% and boosts alternative activity efficiency to 50%.
  • Level 8 further reduces the drop to 15% and boosts alternative efficiency to 60%.
Martian Destroyer: Forging Pathways to Prosperity
Strategically boosting returns, Martian Destroyers offer flexible options:
  • Level 1 presents base return (target 30% APR) with no STARPower usage.
  • By expending 100 STARPower per day, return increases by 1% plus 5% of base APR.
  • An additional 5% boost is possible by spending 10 STARFuel daily.
  • Each level escalation elevates return by a flat 1% + 5% of base, with costs and boosts adapting accordingly.
Boost from STARPower/STARFuel usage is multiplicative, enriching your returns in a dynamic way.
Embrace the complexity of these mechanisms, or appreciate their significance from a distance—the choice is yours. For those who delve deeper, slight increases in rewards await, amplifying your journey toward financial growth.